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Benefits of FLAVIS kidney-friendly foods

FLAVIS kidney-friendly foods are extremely helpful for improving dietary adherence in CKD.

FLAVIS foods meet your dietary needs

FLAVIS foods are specifically designed to help you follow a kidney-friendly diet.

For over 30 years, Dr. Schär has been researching and developing dietary foods for individuals with special dietary needs. FLAVIS foods can be included in all meals and snacks to help you adhere to this diet. With FLAVIS, it is about what you can eat.


FLAVIS foods will help you:

  • Limit protein intake
  • Maintain adequate calorie intake
  • Limit intake of sodium, phosphorus and potassium
  • Consume adequate fiber

FLAVIS kidney-friendly foods are starch-based and have reduced protein, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium content. They reduce the kidneys’ workload, and they have the same look, taste, and calorie Content as the foods they replace. These products include pasta, rice, bread, bread products (breadsticks, crostini, rolls, sliced bread, crackers), sweets, and flour. They are suitable for patients in all stages of CKD, especially in the conservative management at stage 3-4.


A low protein diet must always be prescribed by a doctor and must be periodically monitored with the help of an experienced registered dietitian.

A balanced diet for CKD patients includes:

  • A variety of high quality protein foods (animal-based) and plant-based sources
  • A diet rich in various types of fruits and vegetables
  • Adequate fluid intake throughout the day as recommended by the patient’s doctor
  • Reduced salt intake (improve flavor with herbs and spices)
  • Reduced phosphorus intake (avoid processed foods which contain phosphorus-additives)


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