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FLAVIS kidney-friendly foods,
low in protein, made for those
with Chronic Kidney Disease

may help you delay the need for dialysis

FLAVIS medical food should be part of a kidney-friendly diet, individualized for every person, and monitored by a registered dietitian. Go to our Dietitian Finder in order to get in contact with a dietitian.

Covid-19 statement

The situation we are facing with the Coronavirus is extremely challenging. In spite of this, we are working hard to ensure the continuity of our production and delivery operations so that you can keep enjoying our products.



Flavis protein-free foods for dietary treatments

Flavis is a line of medical foods designed for those with Chronic Kidney Disease and Inherited Metabolic Disorders. The brand is the result of Dr. Schär's experience and dedication to research in the field of Medical Foods for Specific Nutritional Needs for over 30 years.

FLAVIS products

Improve the lives of people who follow a low-protein diet, starting with the taste of good food
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